Value-Based Benefits Solution

  • medium-drawing-success-chart-362x246Value-based benefits can help reduce long-term medical costs and improve health—if you have the TECHNOLOGY to do it right.

    Member incentive programs are a significant part of the movement toward value-based healthcare.  Using personalized benefit designs and other rewards, these programs promote healthy behaviors, preventive care and better management of chronic conditions by rewarding members for making informed healthcare decisions.  Member incentive programs are popular with employers, and payers who offer high-quality incentive programs can gain a competitive edge in the market. But it takes sophisticated IT capabilities to run these programs cost-effectively. That’s where TriZetto can help.

    Automate management of value-based benefits, with the TriZetto® Value-Based Benefit Solution.

    TriZetto’s patent-pending Value-Based Benefits Solution is a benefit design and incentive management software application that enables payers to customize benefits and other incentives for individual members based on health status, chronic conditions, or activities to promote their health and wellness.

    This comprehensive automation solution enables payers to:

    • Design and manage member incentive programs using an easy-to-use graphic interface
    • Automate adjudication of value-based benefits at the member level
    • Automate enrollment, achievement and reward issuance, processing, and member incentive program communication

  • TriZetto Services

    Our world-class services include application hosting and management, business process services, and consulting. TriZetto’s application hosting and management are delivered via cloud technologies to give clients flexible and scalable business services. Our global team of experienced professionals possesses deep knowledge of both the healthcare industry and TriZetto solutions, helping clients solve their unique business challenges and achieve results more quickly.


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